#teamDSSF's Guide to the 2017 TC Marathon and 10-Mile

Sunday, October 1st is the 2017 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon and 10-Mile! Here's everything you need to know to make sure you can be along the race course. 

Is it too late to donate?

It's never too late to donate to the Devin Smith Scholarship Foundation, we are always accepting donations! 

Where can I cheer you all on?

You can cheer anywhere along the 10-Mile or Marathon route! Search for and track your runner(s) using the app linked in the next question.

The Devin Smith Scholarship Foundation will have a cheering section in the middle of the Summit Boulevard across from 1883 Summit during the entire race. This is late in the race, so the runners will need some extra support!

How can I track the progress of the team?

Medtronic TC Marathon has an amazing app for iPhone and Android where you can search for names of runners, and track up to 20 runners simultaneously! Download the app below:

Download tracking app for iPhone

Download tracking app for Android

Who is running the race?

The list of the entire team is below. These are the exact names that were used to register for the race, so use the names below to search for the runners you are tracking!


Kari Hohn
Chelsea Willett
Simon Morgan
James Granse
Shelby Rhodes
Jacqueline Smith
Kye Castillo
Neal Wehrwein
Peter Schumann
Aaron Rosenthal
Kumar Balasubrahmayan
Jeremy Dobson
Robert King
Emily Bail

10 Mile

Theresa McDevitt
Molly Vierling
Ali Lauer
Abigail Smith
Mary Bolkcom
Sandra Giovinazzo-Yates
Jenne Wiedemeier
John Seng
Kristi Fielder
Yvonne Hanson
Mark Rekow
Bill Pauling
Karen Hansen
Paul Mertens
Eddie Mitchell
Allison Smith
Sandi Wewerka
Kirsten Carew

Here's some helpful information that the race organizers have prepared:

10-Mile Course Map

10-Mile Spectators Guide

Marathon Course Map

Marathon Spectators Guide