2018 Team DSSF Fall Recap

Another exciting year in the books! We are so proud of the work our runners did to train and the fantastic job they did getting the word out about the foundation. Even with a smaller team this year than last, we raised over $10,000 - which is absolutely mindblowing!

Ashley and Maia after their 10-Mile run - Great job!

Ashley and Maia after their 10-Mile run - Great job!

Our goal this year was ambitious and it’s even more amazing that we reached out goals despite some setbacks for our runners. We had multiple runners that needed to drop out of running for various reasons and our new shirts were printed, mistakenly, with last years design (they said 2017 on them! doh!).

The credit goes to everyone on the team for working hard to get the word out about DSSF! Just like fundraising for a good cause, running is highly rewarding. Together, we set a challenging, but attainable goal, and we feel such a sense of accomplishment when we complete that goal! Our sense of accomplishment after finishing a race while raising money for a good cause is one that is tough to match. Thank you so much to all that donated and supported our team along the way!


Great job to all that ran races throughout the weekend! Thank you to all that supported us!