"Indeed We Can" to Benefit DSSF on June 5th

Come have a drink with DSSF and benefit the Scholars! The most important thing to remember is that everytime you buy a beer at Indeed on June 5th that beer money goes to support the DSSF Scholars! So easy - so fun!

Indeed We Can is all about #ColdBeerWarmFuzzies so come feel the love with us while we celebrate our incredible team of volunteers who have helped us put on our winter fundraising event and program. The foundation is a completely volunteer led organization - this means more money for our scholars! We always want our volunteers to know we appreciate everything they do to make DSSF the successful foundation it is.

We want everyone to come and hang with us! Invite your friends, share this event, and make sure to come out on June 5th. Check out the Facebook event here!