Planning for the TC Marathon Weekend

The Devin Smith Scholarship Foundation is an entirely volunteer-run organization which allows your donations to be a direct contribution to a student's college education. This means that every time we organize an event to raise funds, we do it as students and professionals with full-time occupations. Prior to last year's race, none of us at DSSF had organized a fundraising effort centered around a running event.  We couldn't have done that type of event without our incredible community helping us along the way with participation, advice, and support. We've certainly learned a lot from last year!

Our goal for this year's race is to ensure that we are able to include everyone who wants to support our effort in the most effective way they can. To accomplish this goal, we want to make sure we communicate major milestones from now up until race day.

How do I sign up to be apart of Team DSSF?

Currently, you can use the sign-up button below and fill out the form! This is not an official race registration but it does indicate your intent to be signed up once we form the team together.

When can I lock in my race registration with the Twin Cities in Motion organizers?

TC in Motion is the organization that puts on the Twin Cities Marathon weekend - this includes the 5k, 10k, 10-Mile, and the Marathon. Once our team is organized, Team DSSF will send out directions to register with the Team DSSF code. This code will provide discounted entry for the Marathon or 10 Mile and you will be officially apart our Team DSSF.

We do it this way because as a charitable partner, we get guaranteed entries at a level we choose. If we choose a level that has more spots than we are able to fill, the foundation is responsible for paying for those spots. The incentive to moving to a higher level means that the foundation gets special recognition at higher levels, like a logo featured more prominently on promotions for the race, social media posts about the foundation from the organizers, and other benefits that can expose the foundation to members of our community who haven't heard of us yet. 

Important Dates

April 2018 - 10 Mile registration opens to Charitable Partners. That's us! If you are interested in running the 10 Mile and fundraising with us, it's very important we hear from you as soon as possible!

June 2018 - 10 Mile registration opens to the public. The 10 Mile race sells out every year, so by the time the registration is opened to the public Team DSSF will not be able to secure any additional spots.

August 2018 - Team DSSF will officially begin fundraising to reach out marathon goal. We learned a lot from last year on how our fundraising effort can be made better. Team DSSF organizers will be working on a timeline that will make our fundraising effort more efficient and effective.

October 7th, 2017 - Race Day!

I don't think I want to run, but I want to help get the word. What can I do?

  • Share and like our Facebook page so that your community can know that DSSF is important to you!
  • Know runners? Did your friend say they would like to start running? Tell them about Team DSSF and so they fundraise, train, and run with us!

Ultimately, we want your input, feedback, and participation to help grow the foundation and the Team DSSF effort. Chime in and help us achieve our goals!