#TeamDSSF August Update

Hey Runners and Supporters!

We are FIVE WEEKS away from the Marathon and 10-Mile race day, and already we've made significant progress towards our goal of $7,500 -- we've raised $1,250!  We are really excited that our effort to raise money and increase the visibility of DSSF has brought in new supporters. Please consider supporting us towards our goal!

For all new friends who've never heard of us, or those who need a little refresher, the Devin Smith Scholarship Foundation awards college scholarships to students from St. Paul Central High School because it is a place that embraces diversity, fosters academic excellence, and ultimately cultivates creativity. It is this environment, and the community that supports it, that allows students like Devin to pursue their passions. Devin always believed that creativity is limitless, and that idea is at the core of our foundation. It is for this reason that we support students who embrace their creative passions in whatever forms they may take. You can always learn more about the foundation by viewing our Foundation page.

Meet the team!

Marathon Runners

Neal Wehrwein
Kari Hohn
Chelsea Willett
Simon Morgan
James Granse
Shelby Rhodes
Jacqueline Smith
Kye Castillo
Robbie King
Emily Bail
Peter Schumann
Aaron Rosenthal
Kumar Balasubramayan
Jeremy Dobson

10-Mile Runners

Theresa McDevitt
Molly Vierling
Ali Lauer
Abigail Smith
Mary Bolkcom
Sandra Giovinazzo-Yates
Jenne Wiedemeier
John Seng
Kristi Fielder
Yvonne Hanson
Mark Rekow
Bill Pauling
Karen Hansen
Paul Mertens
Eddie Mitchell
Allison Mitchell
Sandi Wewerka
Kirsten Carew

#TeamDSSF Updates!

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