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Our Mission: Providing community support and scholarships for higher education to high school seniors who demonstrate a creative vision for their lives

 St. Paul's Central High School

St. Paul's Central High School

About Us

The Devin Smith Scholarship Foundation awards college scholarships to students from St. Paul Central High School because it is a place that embraces diversity, fosters academic excellence, and ultimately cultivates creativity. It is this environment, and the community that supports it, that allows students like Devin to pursue their passions. Devin always believed that creativity is limitless, and that idea is at the core of our foundation. It is for this reason that we support students who embrace their creative passions in whatever forms they may take.

 Devin Smith

Devin Smith

About Devin Smith

Devin Lomax Smith was born on February 6, 1989, and grew up in St. Paul. He was a proud graduate of Capitol Hill Magnet School and a 2007 graduate of St. Paul Central High School. He was a writer, poet andrapper. While in high school, along with fellow students at Central, Devin formed a hip-hop band called Tea Party. Devin was also extremely active on the Central hockey and soccer teams, (add details if you know of any). Devin traveled the world and wrote music and poetry every day. He graduated from New York University in May 2011, with a degree in Arabic, Middle Eastern studies, and creative writing.